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Mathematica Implementation in the Training Courses on Continuum Mechanics: Elasticity Theory, Hydromechanics, Theory of Filtration

Alexander N. Papusha
Organization: Murmansk State Technical University
Department: Continuum Mechanics&Offshore Exploration Department

2003 International Mathematica Symposium
Conference location

Imperial College, London

The main aim of the presentation is to show, once more, how basic concepts of Mathematica can be applied to fundamental problems of continuum mechanics. In the modern version of the electronic mechanical (physical) courses covering this disinclines symbolic solutions are used for:
  • deriving of the general equations of the deformations, motion of the continuum (fluid) in any curve liner system co-ordinates by symbolic technique,
  • for finding symbolic solutions mainly corresponding to conservational lows,
  • for solving wave's problems which appeared in the theory of filtration.
Examples from the theory of filtration of the mixture of "oil + gas + water" when the waves of saturation take place in the porous soil are solved by computer algebra technique. It's important to say that such problems now are solved by Mathematica in the class as ordinary computer routine procedure.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Dynamical Systems

continuum mechanics, elasticity theory, hydromechanics, Theory of Filtration
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