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On the Solution of the Cupula Equation using Fractional Calculus.

ElShahed Moustafa
Organization: Misr University for Science and Technology
Department: Mathematics Department

2001 Workshop on Mathematica in Education and Research
Conference location

Ismailia, Egypt

The semicircular canals are the primary organs for the sensing of angular or rotary motion. They are part of the organs of equilibrium contained in the non-auditory portion of the inner ear. Within the swollen region of each semicircular canal in the skull, there is a flap valve called the cupula,which detects motion of the endolymph-the viscous fluid in the canal. When our head moves, the endolymph deflects the cupula. This movement of the cupula is recognized by hair cells and then transmitted to the brain. For this reason, understanding the mechanics of the semicircular canal system with respect to head motion would be extremely useful.

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Egypt, Education, Research, Cupula Equation, Fractional Calculus
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