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The Mathematica bond graph toolbox

Nicolas Venuti
Organization: Virtual Dynamics

2003 Mathematica Developer Conference
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The bond graph modeling has been identified as the best tool for mecatronics design since its invention in the sixties by P.H. Paynter. Bond graph design actually needs to combine a user-friendly interface (graphical design of bond graph, notebook based environment) with powerful language capabilities (extended features, interfacing support). By our experience in computer assisted bond graph modeling, we found that the actual power of a bond graph tool, for a daily use, relies also on other issues. A user should ask himself: Are my models easily exchangeable with other bondgraphers and without any ambiguity? Is my modeling tool available on any computer platform and operating system? Will my computer work last in time? By embedding the graphical bond graph object in Mathematica, the toolbox nicely answers positively to most of these questions and provides a way to capitalize mecatronics knowledge very easily. It has been developed and tested for many years for design in the automotive industry and will be commercially released soon.

This paper describes the bond graph toolbox designed to handle bond graphs at the symbolic level in a user-friendly way. It allows students and researchers to learn, design, simulate and exchange bond graph models in the powerful environment of Mathematica. It is brought forward here by examples that show most of the features of the toolbox and their daily use in mecatronics design.

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mecatronics, bond graph

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