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Using Mathematica to Design a Linear Observer Circuit for a Hyperchaotic Oscillator

Damon A. Miller
Organization: Western Michigan University
Giuseppe Grassi
Organization: University of Lecce

2003 Mathematica Developer Conference
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Observers estimate target system states and thus are widely used in control and communication systems. This abstract presents the application of Mathematica to the design of a linear observer circuit for a hyperchaotic oscillator. Mathematica is used to simulate the hyperchaotic oscillator, determine state feedback gains for pole (eigenvalue) placement, investigate the sensitivity of system stability to these gains, verify observer performance, investigate noise effects, and insure that control signals are within the dynamic range of circuit elements. This abstract provides all needed code and other details of using Mathematica not presented in the companion paper [1]. That paper describes more general theoretical results and detailed experimental data for the observer designed here.

*Applied Mathematics > Numerical Methods
*Engineering > Electrical Engineering
*Engineering > Signal Processing
*Mathematics > Algebra > Linear Algebra

linear algebra, circuit, oscillator
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