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The Mathematica Information Center

Jean Buck
Organization: Wolfram Alpha LLC
Department: Director of Content Development

2003 Mathematica Developer Conference
Conference location


The Mathematica Information Center, also known as the InfoCenter, is one of the major sections of our corporate website. It’s found at library.wolfram.com.

In practical terms, the InfoCenter is primarily a replacement of the rather haphazard assortment of materials that used to live at library.wolfram.com, some that were laying around on our internal site, along with the materials in MathSource, which had previously lived at www.mathsource.com.

So, in some sense, there is nothing really new about the InfoCenter. But what is particularly noteworthy of this incarnation of these mostly pre-existing materials is that the items are now being presented in a single database structure, with consistent standard formatting of records, and most importantly, with categorization and classification schemes that make for easy browsing and searching.

*Information Science and Technology
*Information Science and Technology > Information Technology

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