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New Algebraic Features in Mathematica

Adam Strzebonski
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Department: Kernel Technology

2003 Mathematica Developer Conference
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Algebraic features of Mathematica have been extended in the upcoming version in several directions. The exact solving capabilities now include finding solutions of systems of equations and inequalities over specified numeric domains like Complexes, Reals, and Integers. The systems can contain quantifiers and transcendental functions. Exact global optimization functionality has been improved. Mathematica is going to have new functionality for working with assumptions. It can evaluate symbolic expressions making automatic simplifications based on the specifed assumptions. Common assumptions can now be specified for a whole block of Mathematica code. This way one can write code that makes use of external symbolic assumptions. The new version also contains functionality for computation in algebraic number fields. A new format for representing algebraic numbers as elements of a number field has been introduced. It allows for doing fast algebraic number arithmetic within a fixed number field. The new functionality also includes computation of several objects and properties related to algebraic number fields.

*Mathematics > Algebra

global optimization, assumptions, Algebraic number fields
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