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Creating super multi-channel stereo-images by means of Mathematica for multi-viewer stereoscopic displays

Ingo Relke
Organization: Opticality
URL: http://www.opticalitycorporation.com/
Armin Grasnick
Organization: 4D-Vision GmbH

2002 Applications of Computer Algebra Conference (ACA '2002)
Conference location

Volos, Greece

Recently, the trivial two-channel stereo systems, which did dominate the last ten years are currently and gradually replaced by multi-channel stereoscopic devices, which allow considerably to expand the viewing zone and to refrain from using any additional viewing aids, such as helmets, glasses and other eye-tracking devices.

In this paper we will demonstrate that Computer Algebra System is an excellent tool for the creation and testing of the different mathematical models of the image representation for the multi-channel stereoscopic display. Using Mathematica's ability we will demonstrate the different variants of the information encoded in the creation of the stereo-images. The corresponding relations, allowing to calculate these stereo-images as well as the programming realization of these relations on Mathematica will be presented, also. The results of the stereo-image creation process will be demonstrated on the 3D-display, which was manufactured by our company, 4D-Vision GmbH. At this time our company manufactures 3D-displays using more than 20 channels. The latest experimental results have been achieved with the help of Mathematica by using more than some hundreds 2D-images for the creation of one stereo image.

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