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A Handwriting Interface to Various Computer Algebra Systems via OpenXM Framework

Mitsushi Fujimoto
Organization: Fukuoka University of Education
Department: Department of Information Education
Masakazu Suzuki
Organization: Kyushu University
Department: Faculty of Mathematics

2002 Applications of Computer Algebra Conference (ACA '2002)
Conference location

Volos, Greece

OpenXM(Open message eXchange protocol for Mathematics) is a communication protocol for various computer algebra systems. At present, the mathematical softwares that support OpenXM are Mathematica, Asir, gnuplot, kan/sm1, phc, TiGERS and Macaulay2. It is efficient to combine existing useful systems than to build all functions on one system. Most of computer algebra systems have original programming languages. Those are not compatible each other, however, using OpenXM one can access various systems by one language. Further, OpenXM provides parallel and distributed computation since target systems can play ox-servers and ox-clients.

Infty Editor is a editor with on-line recognition of handwritten mathematical expressions, which was developed by our research group. In this handwriting interface, as soon as a character is written, it is rewritten by neat strokes in an appropriate position and size automatically. This automated rewriting method improves the accuracy of the structure analysis of the written mathematical expressions. In the interior of Infty Editor it is used the XML format as the data format of the written mathematical expressions. Infty Editor also supports the inputs and outputs of LaTeX and MathML format.

We added OpenXM translator and communication controller to Infty Editor, so that one can carry out calculations for mathematical expressions inputted by handwriting using OpenXM servers. We will explan the outline of this system and give a demonstration in the presentation.

*Mathematics > Algebra

computer algebra systems, communication protocol, OpenXM, Mathematica, Asir, gnuplot, kan/sm1, phc, TiGERS, Macaulay2, Handwriting Recognition