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Recent advances in image processing with Mathematica

Mariusz Jankowski
Organization: University of Southern Maine
Department: Electrical Engineering

2002 Applications of Computer Algebra Conference (ACA '2002)
Conference location

Volos, Greece

Digital image processing of grayscale or color images has become an important research and investigation tool in many areas of science and engineering. Mathematica is a general-purpose scientific computing and visualization system. It has a flexible and powerful programming language and extensive functionality in all areas of symbolic and numeric computing making it a versatile platform for prototyping imaging solutions. In recent years a number of important developments have significantly improved Mathematica's performance and functionality in the area of digital image processing. First, the addition of packed arrays in version 4 has dramatically increased performance and decreased memory storage requirements for large numerical arrays. Second, the release of the Digital Image Processing (DIP) application package added a comprehensive library of over 160 new functions. Third, the recent introduction of J/Link, a unique and easy-to-use interface to the Java programming language, in effect made Java's huge functionality conveniently accessible to the Mathematica user. In this talk, Java imaging functionality and current work on integrating Java functions into the DIP package will be discussed. In particular, native Java imaging functionality found in the Java 2D and Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) application programming interfaces (APIs) will be presented. BufferedImage, a Java image data object will be discussed and implementation details of a translator between Mathematica and Java image data objects will be shown. Performance of Mathematica and Java implementations of selected imaging operators will be compared.

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Digital Image Processing (DIP), Java, Java Advanced Imaging (JAI), visualizing, packed arrays