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Creating a Button-Driven Application: A Look at the Pivot Package That Facilitates the Simplex Method

Allen Hibbard
Organization: Central College
Department: Mathematics and Computer Science

2001 Mathematica Developer Conference
Conference location

Champaign, IL

It is relatively easy to create a button to accomplish a routine task. It is another matter to create buttons to perform more complicated tasks, such as notebook modifications. This talk will focus on illustrating the programming details of the buttons created by the Pivot package. This package creates an interface for a non-technical user to perform the Simplex Method while solving a linear programming problem. Except for entering in the initial matrix, almost all the other steps are accomplished by appropriately clicking on buttons. Explaining how these buttons perform their complicated tasks will be the goal of this talk. In particular, we will look at how to programmatically create and modify notebooks, including creating a matrix of buttons on the fly.

*Applied Mathematics > Optimization
*Wolfram Technology > Front End > Notebook Manipulation
*Wolfram Technology > Front End > Palettes and Dialog Boxes

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