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Mathematica Link for Microsoft Excel

Anton Rowe
Organization: Episoft, Inc.

1998 Worldwide Mathematica Conference
Conference location

Chicago, IL

There are dozens of useful features in the completely reworked Mathematica Link for Microsoft Excel. Most of the limitations of the earlier version have been effaced, and the user interface is much more developed. Among the items at the top of user's wish list, Mathematica graphics can now be generated inside Excel. Arrays of any type can be sent and received. Calculations can be interrupted, messages can be received, and a terminal window for quick communication with the kernel is provided. An easy-to-use Mathematica Wizard guides users through the process of entering Mathematica functions into a spreadsheet. For Mathematica programmers, this simply means that their code has the potential of being used by more than just the Mathematica literate. This session will provide a brief tour of the new product and illustrate examples of functions written in Mathematica that are conveniently used inside Excel.

More information on Mathematica Link for Microsoft Excel is available in the Wolfram Research Store.

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