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How Mathematica Has Revolutionized Our Understanding of Mathematics

Stan Wagon
Organization: Macalester College
Department: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
URL: http://www.stanwagon.com/

1998 Worldwide Mathematica Conference
Conference location

Chicago, IL

Mathematica has greatly increased our potential to "own" mathematics by allowing us to make computations and visualizations that greatly enhance our understanding and appreciation of mathematical concepts. This applies to mathematics at all levels, and in this talk I will present diverse examples to emphasize the power and impact of a computational approach to mathematics. Topics will include the following.

New and shocking formulas for pi A computational view of the four-color problem How to verify differential equations computations Investigating the Madelung constant for salt Making a square wheel roll A surprising application of space-filling curves to the traveling salesman problem Modeling the motion of a thrown book

*Applied Mathematics

http://library.wolfram.com/conferences/conference98/abstracts/how_mathematica_has_revolutionized_ou [...]