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Creating Mathematica Graphics with calcE

Richard Mercer
Organization: Wright State University

1998 WorldWide Mathematica Conference
Conference location

Chicago, IL

We have all seen examples of beautiful 3D graphics created by Mathematica. However, the everyday needs of the ordinary technical professional are generally more mundane, and time is at a premium. calcE is a large external package for Mathematica. The package specializes in the easy creation of 2D graphics with simplified syntax and advanced features. Using calcE can reduce the size of the input required to create a graphics image by 50 to 90 percent and can save hours, days, or weeks of programming. With calcE you can create not only basic graphics more quickly but also, without programming, graphics you might otherwise never have attempted. Here are a few highlights from the literally hundreds of features of calcE.

Graph functions, equations, inequalities, parametric equations, sequences, and data sets in any combination with a single plotting command. Specify any combination of dots, lines, and fill for any graph. Use 13 kinds of geometric objects just by including them in your plot command with simple, descriptive syntax (e.g., Line[{1,-1}, Slope[1/2], Length[2], Red, Thick]). Assign a color to any geometric object just by including a color name in the description. Complete and easy control over axes and ticks, including colors, locations, axes with arrows, one-sided axes, multiple axes, etc. Automatic floating axes are not obscured by filled regions. Automatic detection and proper rendering of most asymptotes and discontinuities.

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