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Mathematica Companion for Finite Mathematics and Business Calculus

Fred Szabo
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Publisher: Kendall Hunt
Copyright year: 2022
ISBN: 9798765737392
Pages: 490
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Mathematical and Mathematica Illustrations

Mathematica Solutions

Wolfram|Alpha Solutions

Appendix A—Mathematica Output Formats
Appendix B—Typical Mathematica Beginners Errors

Part A—Mathematica Fundamentals
Part B—Mathematical and Mathematica Illustrations
Part C—Problems and Solutions

New Revised Fourth Edition Now Available!

Mathematica Companion for Finite Mathematics and Business Calculus is intended for students in business, economics, and the life and social sciences. Written at the request of students, colleagues, and users of Mathematica who need their Mathematica tools to be easily accessible, transparent, and simply illustrated with examples, Mathematica Companion is a bridge between textbooks in the mentioned areas and learning management systems.

The revised third edition of Mathematica Companion by Fred E. Szabo:
  • Is organized and presented in a dictionary-style format. All concepts and formulas are illustrated with examples written in the Wolfram Language—the foremost computational software system used in scientific, engineering, mathematical and computing fields.
  • Presents topics in an alphabetical format—for easy use and cross-reference.
  • Uses Mathematica Manipulations to illustrate the power for exploration, experimentation, and visualization which Mathematica provides.
  • Integrates a number of video tutorials to motivate, illustrate, and encourage the reader to explore the opportunities for learning with Mathematica.
  • Is more user-friendly compared to past editions.

  • Subjects

    *Applied Mathematics
    *Business and Economics
    *Social Science