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Mathematica Beyond Mathematics: The Wolfram Language in the Real World, Second Edition

José Guillermo Sánchez León
Book information

Publisher: Chapman & Hall
Copyright year: 2023
ISBN: 9781032004839
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 458
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Although many books have been written about Mathematica, very few of them cover the new functionality added to the most recent versions of the program. This thoroughly revised second edition of Mathematica Beyond Mathematics: The Wolfram Language in the Real World introduces the new features using real-world examples based on the experience of the author as a consultant and Wolfram certified instructor. The examples strike a balance between relevance and difficulty in terms of Mathematica syntax, allowing readers to incrementally build up their Mathematica skills as they go through the chapters. While reading this book, you will also learn more about the Wolfram Language and how to use it to solve a wide variety of problems.

The author raises questions from a wide range of topics and answers them by taking full advantage of Mathematica's latest features. For example: What sources of energy does the world really use? Are our cities getting warmer? Is the novel El Quixote written in Pi? Is it possible to reliably date the Earth using radioactive isotopes? How can we find planets outside our solar system? How can we model epidemics, earthquakes and other natural phenomena? What is the best way to compare organisms genetically?

This new edition introduces the new capabilities added to the latest version of Mathematica (Version 13), and discusses new topics related to machine learning, big data, finance economics, and physics.

New to the Second Edition

•Separate sections containing carefully selected additional resources that can be accessed from either Mathematica or online
•Online supplementary materials including code snippets used in the book and additional examples
•Updated commands to take full advantage of Mathematica 13

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