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Applied Linear Analysis for Chemical Engineers: A Multi-scale Approach with Mathematica

Vemuri Balakotaiah
Ram R. Ratnakar
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Publisher: De Gruyter
Copyright year: 2023
ISBN: 978-3-110-73969-5
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 762
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This textbook gives a unified treatment of the solution of various linear equations that arise in science and engineering with examples. It is based on a course taught by the first author for over thirty years. Some unique features include:

• Use of symbolic software for illustrating and enhancing the impact of physical parameter changes on solutions.
• Multi-scale analysis of engineering problems with physical interpretation of time and length scales in terms of eigenvalues and eigenvectors/eigenfunctions.
• Discussion of compartment models for various finite dimensional problems.
• Evaluation and illustration of functions of matrices (and use of symbolic manipulation) to solve multi-component diffusion-convection-reaction problems.
• Illustration of the techniques and interpretation of solutions to several classical engineering problems.
• Emphasis on the connection between discrete (matrix algebra) and continuum.
• Physical interpretation of adjoint operator and adjoint systems.
• Use of complex analysis and algebra in the solution of practical engineering problems.
• Includes 100 illustrative problems in the text.
• Additional 150 practice problems along with solutions.
• Use of symbolic manipulators (such as Mathematica) and generation of graphics.
• Various web based extensions.

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