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Mathematics for Game Developers

Denny Burzynski
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Publisher: Downey Unified School District
Copyright year: 2022
ISBN: 9798985092011
Medium: ebook
Out of print?: N
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Unit 1. Some Basic Algebra
Unit 2. Vectors in Two Dimensions
Unit 3. Vectors in Three Dimensions
Unit 4. Matrices
Unit 5. Some Basic Trigonometry

Mathematics for Game Developers explores the math behind how scenes appear, characters move, and action evolves. The basic ideas of how mathematical instruments control action and motion in the games you develop. For example, vectors determine object position, speed, and define distance. Matrices inform and store transformations like translation, rotation, scale, and skew. Previous math experience is not required; a desire to score points and outwit opponents is key.

There is a Teachers' Edition of this text available for purchase from the publisher.

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