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Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematica: For Chemists, Biotechnologists and Materials Scientists, 2nd Edition

Henry C. Foley
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Publisher: Academic Press
Copyright year: 2021
ISBN: 9780128200513
Pages: 952
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1. A Primer of Mathematica
2. Elementary-Single-Component Systems
3. The Draining Tank and Related Systems
4. Multiple-Component Systems
5. Multiple Phases—Mass Transfer
6. Adsorption and Permeation
7. Reacting Systems—Kinetics and Batch Reactors
8. Semi-Continuous Flow Reactors
9. Continuous Stirred Tank and the Plug Flow Reactors
10. Worked Problems

Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematica, Second Edition reviews the processes and designs used to manufacture, use, and dispose of chemical products using Mathematica, one of the most powerful mathematical software tools available for symbolic, numerical, and graphical computing. Analysis and computation are explained simultaneously. The book covers the core concepts of chemical engineering, ranging from the conservation of mass and energy to chemical kinetics. The text also shows how to use the latest version of Mathematica, from the basics of writing a few lines of code through developing entire analysis programs. This second edition has been fully revised and updated, and includes analyses of the conservation of energy, whereas the first edition focused on the conservation of mass and ordinary differential equations.

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