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Analysis with Mathematica: Volume 2: Multi-variable Calculus

Galina Filipuk
Andrzej Kozłowski
Book information

Publisher: De Gruyter
Copyright year: 2020
ISBN: 9783110660388
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 220
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1. Continuity of functions and mappings
2. Differentiation of functions of many variables
3. Higher order derivatives and the Taylor series
4. Elements of topology and Morse theory
5. The Riemann integral of a function of n variables
6. Stokes' theorem

The book deals with functions of many variables: differentiation and integration, extrema with a number of digressions to related subjects such as curves, surfaces and Morse theory. The background needed for understanding the examples and how to compute in Mathematica® will also be discussed.
Second volume of the work, focussed on multi-variate calculus.
Intertwines knowledge of analysis and Mathematica.
Students learn how to solve mathematical problems with a computer algebra system.
Contains a vast collection of examples and exercises.


*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis