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An Introduction to Computational Origami

Tetsuo Ida
Organization: University of Tsukuba
Department: Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics
Book information

Publisher: Springer
Copyright year: 2020
ISBN: 9783319591889
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 229
Out of print?: N
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In this book, origami is treated as a set of basic geometrical objects that are represented and manipulated symbolically and graphically by computers. Focusing on how classical and modern geometrical problems are solved by means of origami, the book explains the methods not only with mathematical rigor but also by appealing to our scientific intuition, combining mathematical formulas and graphical images to do so. In turn, it discusses the verification of origami using computer software and symbolic computation tools. The binary code for the origami software, called Eos and created by the author, is also provided.

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