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Analyzing Narratives in Social Networks

Zvi Lotker
Book information

Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Copyright year: 2021
ISBN: 9783030682989
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 413
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This book uses literature as a wrench to pry open social networks and to ask different questions than have been asked about social networks previously. The book emphasizes the story-telling aspect of social networks, as well as the connection between narrative and social networks by incorporating narrative, dynamic networks, and time. Thus, it constructs a bridge between literature, digital humanities, and social networks. This book is a pioneering work that attempts to express social and philosophic constructs in mathematical terms.

The material used to test the algorithms is texts intended for performance, such as plays, film scripts, and radio plays; mathematical representations of the texts, or “literature networks”, are then used to analyze the social networks found in the respective texts. By using literature networks and their accompanying narratives, along with their supporting analyses, this book allows for a novel approach to social network analysis.

*Arts and Humanities

film, media studies