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Fourier Transforms Using Mathematica

Joseph W. Goodman
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Publisher: SPIE
Copyright year: 2020
ISBN: 9781510638556
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The Fourier transform is a ubiquitous tool used in most areas of engineering and physical sciences. The purpose of this book is two-fold: (1) to introduce the reader to the properties of Fourier transforms and their uses, and (2) to introduce the reader to the program Mathematica and demonstrate its use in Fourier analysis. Unlike many other introductory treatments of the Fourier transform, this treatment will focus from the start on both one-dimensional and two-dimensional transforms, the latter of which play an important role in optics and digital image processing, as well as in many other applications. It is hoped that by the time readers have completed this book, they will have a basic understanding of Fourier analysis and Mathematica.

The PDF is a Read Me First file with links to the Mathematica interactive book and to the free Wolfram Player for readers who do not have the full Mathematica program

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Optics, Fourier Transforms, Image Processing