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Exercise Modern quantum mechanics, second edition (Physics series)

Koji Maruyama
Toshiaki Iidaka
Book information

Publisher: Yoshioka Shoten
Copyright year: 2019
ISBN: 9784842703725
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 394
Out of print?: N
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"Modern Quantum Mechanics" by JJ Sakurai is a masterpiece that no longer needs to be explained. In its second edition, new essences have been added, including a polite explanation of the solution of the Schrodinger equation under basic potentials, including the central force potential, and a chapter on relativistic quantum theory. A number of new exercises have been published along with it. This book will explain all the exercises in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, to make use of the advanced atmosphere of "modern quantum mechanics", commentary on recent topics such as quantum computers was also included. I want you to feel for yourself that the understanding and knowledge of quantum mechanics learned in "Modern Quantum Mechanics" is directly linked to cutting-edge research.

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