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The Student's Introduction to Mathematica and the Wolfram Language, 3rd Edition

Bruce Torrence
Organization: Randolph-Macon College
Department: Department of Mathematics
Eve A. Torrence
Book information

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Copyright year: 2019
ISBN: 9781108406369
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 544
Out of print?: N
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The unique feature of this compact student's introduction to Mathematica and the Wolfram Language is that the order of the material closely follows a standard mathematics curriculum. As a result, it provides a brief introduction to those aspects of the Mathematica software program most useful to students. Used as a supplementary text, it will help bridge the gap between Mathematica and the mathematics in the course, and will serve as an excellent tutorial for former students. There have been significant changes to Mathematica since the second edition, and all chapters have now been updated to account for new features in the software, including natural language queries and the vast stores of real-world data that are now integrated through the cloud. This third edition also includes many new exercises and a chapter on 3D printing that showcases the new computational geometry capabilities that will equip readers to print in 3D.

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