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Geographical Models with Mathematica

André Dauphiné
Book information

Publisher: ISTE Press (London)
Copyright year: 2017
ISBN: 9781785482250
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 296
Out of print?: N
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Geographical Models with Mathematica provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the types of models necessary for the development of new geographical knowledge, including stochastic models, models for data analysis, for geostatistics, for networks, for dynamic systems, for cellular automata and for multi-agent systems, all discussed in their theoretical context.

The author then provides over 65 programs, written in the Mathematica language, that formalize these models. Case studies are provided to help the reader apply these programs to their own studies.

* Provides theoretical, stochastic and dynamic system models
* Covers data science, both in a spatial and spatio-temporal analysis
* Presents a microstructural understanding of the mechanical behavior of granular materials

*Social Science > Geography and Cartography
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