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Prime Numbers: A Computational Perspective

Richard E. Crandall
Organization: Center for Advanced Computation
Carl Pomerance
Organization: Dartmouth College
Department: Mathematics
Book information

Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Copyright year: 2001
ISBN: 0387947779
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 545
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Primes! | Number-Theoretical Tools | Recognizing Primes and Composites | Primality Proving | Exponential Factoring Algorithms | Subexponential Factoring Algorithms | Elliptic Curve Arithmetic | The Ubiquity of Prime Numbers | Fast Algorithms of Large-Integer Arithmetic | Appendix: Book Pseudocode | References | Index

A reference for professionals interested in prime numbers and encryption, cryptography, factoring algorithms, elliptic curve arithmetic, and many more computational issues related to primes and factoring. The text focuses on the computational aspects of finding, testing and characterizing prime numbers. The theoretically interesting, aesthetic and practical aspects of primes are discussed. Provides theoretical explanations which explain the practical power of the computational algorithms. Also includes detailed pseudocode and exercises which are designed to keep the student engaged and interested.

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