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Mathematica for Mathematics, Physics and Engineers

Mehrzad Ghorbani
Book information

Publisher: Matbooate Dini
Copyright year: 2016
ISBN: 9786001450587
Medium: Paperback
Out of print?: N
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Expanding on the author's previous book, this book includes more of the beautiful, simple, and basic mathematical problems in calculus, number theory, ordinary and partial differential equation, numerical analysis, linear algebra, vector and matrix algebra, complex variables, special functions, graph theory, engineering mathematics, and mathematical physics. Undergraduate and graduate level students and professors of science and math will find this text applicable to their courses, as well as some high school level studies. This book contains more than 12 years of experience teaching mathematics software and Mathematica code to both bachelors and masters of science in mathematics, physics, engineering, and any other computational scientific branches which need symbolic or numerical code.

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