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Introducing Unseen Math at Cosmoquest

Sharon Yu-Shattuck
Book information

Copyright year: 2015
ISBN: 9781518646157
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 246
Out of print?: N
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This book is presenting all numbers posted by Chuck at CosmoQuest. Primarily it is about prime numbers. He not only found many prime numbers, but also found the sum of various terms of primes with some other properties. He also found many facts about Sophie Germain primes, safe primes, twin primes, and he applied the prime number theory to search prime numbers beyond a googol. He not only found many properties about Sophie Germain primes, but also discovered a new one. He has interwoven the properties of all numbers, squares, cubes, fourth powers, triangular numbers, Fibonacci numbers, and prime numbers. He not only found the intersections of them, but also the “unions”, concatenating/appending, of them. In addition, he found many surprising relationship between numbers. He created various forms, eye-catching patterns to present all numbers, and importantly he invented some formulas for searching prime numbers. This book shows a new world of numbers.