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The Classical Theory of Integral Equations, A Concise Treatment

Stephen M. Zemyan
Book information

Publisher: Birkshauser (New York, NY)
Copyright year: 2012
ISBN: 9780817683481
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 344
Out of print?: N
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The Classical Theory of Integral Equations is a thorough, concise, and rigorous treatment of the essential aspects of the theory of integral equations. The book provides the background and insight necessary to facilitate a complete understanding of the fundamental results in the field. With a firm foundation for the theory in their grasp, students will be well prepared and motivated for further study. Included in the presentation are:

A section entitled Tools of the Trade at the beginning of each chapter, providing necessary background information for comprehension of the results presented in that chapter;

Thorough discussions of the analytical methods used to solve many types of integral equations;

An introduction to the numerical methods that are commonly used to produce approximate solutions to integral equations;

Over 80 illustrative examples that are explained in meticulous detail;

Nearly 300 exercises specifically constructed to enhance the understanding of both routine and challenging concepts;

Guides to Computation to assist the student with particularly complicated algorithmic procedures.

This unique textbook offers a comprehensive and balanced treatment of material needed for a general understanding of the theory of integral equations by using only the mathematical background that a typical undergraduate senior should have. The self-contained book will serve as a valuable resource for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate-level students as well as for independent study. Scientists and engineers who are working in the field will also find this text to be user friendly and informative.

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