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The Theoretical Minimum, What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics

Leonard Susskind
George E. Hrabovsky
Organization: University of Wisconsin at Madison
Book information

Publisher: Basic Books (New York, NY)
Copyright year: 2013
ISBN: 9780465028115
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 238
Out of print?: N
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The Theoretical Minimum is a book for anyone who has ever regretted not taking physics in college—or who simply wants to know how to think like a physicist. In this unconventional introduction, physicist Leonard Susskind and hacker-scientist George Hrabovsky offer a first course in physics and associated math for the ardent amateur. Unlike most popular physics books—which give readers a taste of what physicists know but shy away from equations or math—Susskind and Hrabovsky actually teach the skills you need to do physics, beginning with classical mechanics, yourself. Based on Susskind’s enormously popular Stanford University-based (and YouTube-featured) continuing-education course, the authors cover the minimum—the theoretical minimum of the title—that readers need to master to study more advanced topics.

An alternative to the conventional go-to-college method, The Theoretical Minimum provides a tool kit for amateur scientists to learn physics at their own pace.

This book was authored and typeset in Mathematica.

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