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A Logic of Exceptions, Using The Economics Pack Applications of Mathematics for Elementary Logic

Thomas Colignatus
Organization: Thomas Cool Consultancy & Econometrics
URL: http://thomascool.eu/
Book information

Publisher: Thomas Cool (Scheveningen, The Netherlands)
Copyright year: 2011
ISBN: 9789080477476
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 256
Out of print?: N
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A direct hands-on introduction to logic | Logic, theory and programs | Propositional logic | Predicate logic | Inference | Applications | Three-valued propositional logic | Brouwer and intuitionism | Proof theory and the Gödeliar | Notes on formalization | Reading notes

A Logic of Exceptions provides the concepts and tools for sound inference. Discussed are: (1) the basic elements: propositional operators, predicates and sets; (2) the basic notions: inference, syllogism, axiomatics, proof theory; (3) the basic extra’s: history, relation to the scientific method, the paradoxes. The new elements in the book are: (4) a logic of exceptions, solutions for those paradoxes, analysis of common errors in the literature, routines in Mathematica. The book is intended to be used in the first year of college or university. The last two chapters require a more advanced level that is worked up to.

*Education > College

Logic, Morality, Modality, Certainty, Epistemology, Methodology of Science, Philosophy, Economics