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Enzyme Kinetics, Rapid-Equilibrium Applications of Mathematica

Robert A. Alberty
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Book information

Publisher: Wiley (Hoboken, NJ)
Copyright year: 2011
ISBN: 9780470639320
Medium: Hardcover
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 456
Out of print?: N
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Biochemical Thermodynamics | A = P | Ordered A + B -> Products | Random A + B -> Products | A + B = P + Q | A + B + C -> Products | Ordered O + mR -> Products | Random O + mR -> Products | Inhibition and Activation of A -> Products | Modification of A -> Products | Inhibition, Activation, and Modification of A + B -> Products | Systems of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions

Quantitative calculations on the rates of enzyme-catalyzed reactions can help identify mechanisms of catalysis and calculate the speed of catalyzed reactions under various conditions. This book shows how to use mathematical applications such as Mathematica to conduct these calculations more easily and for more complicated mechanisms.

Each chapter is a Mathematica notebook that includes text as well as calculations. The CD at the back of the book contains the entire book in Mathematica.

*Science > Biochemistry
*Wolfram Technology > Programming > 2D Graphics
*Wolfram Technology > Programming > Graphing and Plotting

Thermodynamics, Inorganic, Species, Heats