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Frederick Wu
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Publisher: Tsinghua University Press (China)
Copyright year: 2010
ISBN: 9787302223344
Medium: Paperback
Includes: DVD-ROM
Pages: 228
Out of print?: N
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A New Kind of Yin Yang Rotation | Buying Watermelons Intelligently | When Do the Three Hands of an Analog Clock Overlap? | Multilingual Palindromes | Fitting Lifetime Data to a Weibull Model | Reconstruction of the Great Wall | Hertzian Contact Stress | Launching a Rocket | Shortening the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Tour

Mathematica是由美国科学家斯蒂芬∑沃尔夫勒姆(Stephen Wolfram)领导的Wolfram Research Inc.研究公司所开发的一体化计算引擎。《Mathematica演示项目笔记》结合Mathematica演示项目以及第6版和第7版的最新功能(动态交互性、即时三维图形、数值模拟和仿真、高效实时计算、集成语言系统、多核并行计算和数字图像处理等),讲解了符号计算、程序设计、算法设计、数据挖掘、数值计算、图形图像处理等应用方法,并剖析、讲解和演示了如何解决不同专业领域和学科问题。


配套光盘中Mathematica 7简体中文版及学习资源由Wolfram Research Inc.授权给清华大学出版社出版发行。

This book illustrates different ways to apply symbolic computation, programming, algorithm design, data mining, numerical computation, graphics, and image processing to Mathematica Demonstrations using the latest features in Mathematica 6 and 7, such as dynamic interactivity, real-time 3D graphics, numerical modeling and simulation, highly efficient real-time computation, integrated language systems, multicore parallel computing and digital image processing, and so on. A wide collection of problems across different disciplines are presented, analyzed, and solved step by step. This book can be used as a beginnerís book to learn Mathematica at higher-education institutions. It can also serve as a reference book for intermediate and advanced users, researchers, and engineers to gain an in-depth understanding of scientific computing and programming with Mathematica. The accompanying DVD contains Mathematica 7 Simplified Chinese Edition and learning resources, both of which are published by Tshinghua University Press and authorized by Wolfram Research, Inc.

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Rotation, Palindromes, Hertzian, Olympic