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A Mathematica Manual for Engineering Mechanics, Dynamics, Computational Edition

Robert W. Soutas-Little
Inman, Daniel J.
Daniel S. Balint
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Publisher: Thomson (Toronto, Ontario)
Copyright year: 2008
ISBN: 9780495295990
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 122
Out of print?: N
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Introduction | Numerical Calculations | Working with Functions | Symbolic Calculations | Solving Algebraic Equations | Graphs and Plots | Vector and Matrices | Kinematics of Particle | Kinematics of Particles | Working-Energy and Impulse-Momentum--First Integrals of the Motion | Systems of Particles | Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies | Dynamics of Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion | Power, Work, Energy, Impulse and Momentum of a Rigid Body | Three-Dimensional Dynamics of Rigid Bodies | Vibration

This supplement will provide all the necessary instructions to use Mathematica computational software to aid in solving Dynamics problems. You are encouraged to open your version of Mathematica and try the various steps described in this supplement as you read through it. It is closely coupled to the accompanying text and works through many of the sample problems for each chapter in detail. The manual was created in Mathematica and demonstrates how quality technical documents can be created entirely using the software. This supplement is not meant to replace the manual for Mathematica or to show all the features of the software.

*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering
*Wolfram Technology > Front End > Dynamic

Bar graphs, Derivatives, Differential equations, Dynamics, Engineering, Euler methods, Functions, Graphs, Kinematics, Matrices, Motion, Plots, Scalar equations, Trajectories, Vectors, Velocity, Vibrations