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Galois Theory

David A. Cox
Book information

Publisher: Wiley (Hoboken, NJ)
Copyright year: 2004
ISBN: 9780471434191
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 559
Out of print?: N
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Cubic equations | Symmetric polynomials | Roots of polynomials | Extension fields | Normal and separable extensions | The Galois group | The Galois correspondence | Solvability by radicals | Cyclotomic extensions | Geometric constructions | Finite fields | Lagrange, Galois, and Kronecker | Computing Galois groups | Solvable permutation groups | The lemniscate | Abstract algebra

Galois theory is one of the jewels of mathematics. Its intrinsic beauty, dramatic history, and deep connections to other areas of mathematics give Galois theory an unequaled richness. David Coxís Galois Theory helps readers understand not only the elegance of the ideas but also where they came from and how they relate to the overall sweep of mathematics.

Galois Theory covers classic applications of the theory, such as solvability by radicals, geometric constructions, and finite fields. The book also delves into more novel topics, including Abelís theory of Abelian equations, the problem of expressing real roots by real radicals (the casus irreducibilis), and the Galois theory of origami.

With intriguing Mathematical and Historical Notes that clarify the ideas and their history in detail, Galois Theory brings one of the most colorful and influential theories in algebra to life for professional algebraists and students alike.

*Mathematics > Algebra

Galois theory, Algebra, Geometric, Abelian equations