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A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica, Second Edition

Patrick T. Tam
Book information

Publisher: Academic Press
Copyright year: 2008
ISBN: 9780126831924
Medium: Paperback
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 728
Out of print?: N
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The First Encounter | Interactive Use of Mathematica | Programming in Mathematica | Mechanics | Electricity and Magnetism | Quantum Physics | Appendices

This updated reference guide provides engineering and scientific professionals with step-by-step instructions for the most commonly used features of Mathematica as they apply to research in physics, without requiring prior knowledge of either Mathematica or computer programming.

As a primary or supplemental text for teaching physics and other courses with Mathematica 6 or later, this book provides complete coverage, new applications, examples, and over 450 end-of-section exercises that enable the reader to solve a wide range of physics problems.

*Science > Physics
*Wolfram Technology

chemistry, physics, engineering, numerical capabilities, symbolic capabilities, graphical capabilities, lists, special characters, two-dimensional forms, format types, expressions, patterns, functions, falling bodies, projectile motion, pendulum, spherical pendulum, electric field lines and equipotentials, Laplace's equation, charged particle, crossed electric fields, magnetic fields, blackbody radiation, wave packets, one-dimensional box, square well potential, angular momentum, Kronig-Penney model
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