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Modeling Nature: Cellular Automata Simulations with Mathematica

Richard J. Gaylord
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department: Department of Material Science and Engineering
Kazume Nishidate
Organization: Iwate University
Department: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Book information

Publisher: TELOS/Springer-Verlag
Copyright year: 1996
ISBN: 0387946209
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 281
Out of print?: Y
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A Toolkit for Programming Cellular Automata | The Game of Life | Traffic Engineering | Spinoidal Decomposition and Phase Ordering in Binary Mixtures | Solidification | Snowflakes | Interacting Random Walkers | Interfacial Diffusion Fronts and Gradient Percolation | Two-Species Driven Diffusion | Coalescence | Adsorption-Desorption | Chemotaxis | Ant Colony Activity | Predator-Prey Ecosystems | Contagion in Excitable Media | The Evolution of Cooperation and the Spatial Prisoner's Dilemma Game | Appendices: Mathematica Programming Tutorial; Working with Lists; Program Listing

Uses the simple rule-based programming style of Mathematica to minimize the amount of programming needed to create, run, visualize, and analyze cellular automata simulations in a single computational environment. Designed for use both inside and outside the classroom by any student, academic, industrial, or amateur science enthusiast.

*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Cellular Automata