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Computational Methods for Linear Integral Equations

Prem K. Kythe
Organization: University of New Orleans
Department: Mathematics
Pratap Puri
Organization: University of New Orleans
Department: Mathematics
Book information

Publisher: Birkhäuser (Boston, MA)
Copyright year: 2002
ISBN: 9780817641924
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 508
Out of print?: N
Additional cataloguing information: ISBN-10: 0817641920
ISBN-10: 3764341920
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Introduction | Eigenvalue Problems | Equations of the Second Kind | Classical Methods for FK2 | Variational Methods | Iteration Methods | Singular Equations | Weakly Singular Equations | Cauchy Singular Equations | Sinc-Galerkin Methods | Equations of the First Kind | Inversion of Laplace Transforms | Appendix A: Quadrature Rules | Appendix B: Orthogonal Polynomials | Appendix C: Whittaker's Cardinal Function | Appendix D: Singular Integrals

This volume is a useful reference and authoritative resource for professionals, graduate students, and researchers in mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering. Presented material includes numerical analysis, convergence, error estimates, and accuracy, leading readers from theoretical and practical problems through to computation with hands-on guidance for input files and execution of computer programs.

All supporting Mathematica files related to the book are available from the publisher's website.


*Applied Mathematics
*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis
*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Differential Equations
*Science > Physics

integral equations, complex analysis, computational equations, boundary value problems, numerical analysis, error analysis, convergence, Cauchy, kernel, free term, Fredholm, Volterra, Hadamard, classical methods, collocation methods, convolution methods, residual methods, quadrature method, iterative schemes, inverse in terms, polynomials, Legendre polynomials, Jacobi polynomials, trigonometric polynomials, finite-part integrals, characteristic value, Fourier series, Atkinson's scheme, Galerkin method, continuum mechanics, potential theory, geophysics, electricity, magnetism, kinetic theory, hereditary phenomena, renewal theory, quantum mechanics, optimization, control systems, population genetics