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Anton Vamplew's Stargazing Secrets

Anton Vamplew
Book information

Copyright year: 2007
ISBN: 9780007242245
Medium: Hardcover
Pages: 176
Out of print?: N
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Starry Skies from a Spinning Planet | A Year in the Life of the Earth | The Sun | Stars and Their Life in General | Binoculars and Telescopes | How to Measure the Sky without a Ruler | Starry Charts and the Constellations | The Moon and its Orbit | Moon and Sun Illusions | Glows and Ghosts | Aurora

This coffee table book by Anton Vamplew of BBC astronomy programming fame is packed with accessible and authoritative information on everything you ever wanted to know about objects hidden deep in space. It discusses some of the more complex issues and terminologies of astronomy, making this sometimes daunting subject enjoyable and easy to understand.

While there is no treatment of Mathematica usage in the text, the book contains a number of charts and illustrations created using Mathematica.

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