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Introduction to the Mathematics of Operations Research with Mathematica, Second Edition

Kevin J. Hastings
Organization: Knox College
Book information

Publisher: Chapman & Hall/CRC (Boca Raton, FL)
Copyright year: 2006
ISBN: 1574446126
Medium: Hardcover
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 567
Out of print?: N
Additional cataloguing information: ISBN-13: 9781574446128
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Graph Theory and Network Analysis | Linear Programming | Further Topics in Linear Programming | Markov Chains | Continuous Time Processes | Dynamic Programming | Appendix A--Probability Review | Appendix B--Answers to Selected Exercises | Appendix C--Glossary of Mathematica Commands

This text provides a concise analysis for professionals in operations research, statistics, management, applied mathematics, and finance. It covers graph theory, linear programming, stochastic processes, and dynamic processing. The second edition adds new material and longer investigations, and incorporates suggestions and self-check questions throughout the text.

A complete electronic version is on the accompanying CD in the form of Mathematica notebooks, letting you devise, edit, and execute commands to increase comprehension and problem-solving ability.

*Applied Mathematics
*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics
*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Combinatorics
*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Graph Theory
*Mathematics > Probability and Statistics

operations research, graph theory, birth-death process, Brownian motion, density function, Poisson processes, Markov Chain, distribution, algorithm, linear programming, dynamic programming, stochastic processes, statistics, finance, probability, spanning tree, value function, maximums, minimums, queueing theory, traveling salesman problem, transportation problem