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Mathematica for Theoretical Physics: Classical Mechanics and Nonlinear Dynamics, Second Edition

Gerd Baumann
Organization: Visual Analysis
Book information

Publisher: Springer-Verlag (New York)
Copyright year: 2005
ISBN: 0387016740
Medium: Hardcover
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 544
Out of print?: N
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Introduction | Classical Mechanics | Nonlinear Dynamics

This book can be used as a textbook or reference work, by students and researchers alike. It demonstrates how to solve physical problems and deal with their underlying theoretical concepts while using Mathematica to derive numeric and symbolic solutions. The accompanying CD-ROM provides Mathematica programs and notebooks of the entire text, making the examples interactive and flexible.

The second edition is restructured and extended to include a full course in classical mechanics, new examples in quantum mechanics, and measurement methods for fractals.

Note: This edition completely revises the one-volume first edition and splits it into two volumes, of which this is the first. The second is Mathematica for Theoretical Physics: Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, and Fractals.

*Science > Physics > Mechanics

AnharmonicOscillator, CentralField, Christoffel, Collisions, Eddington-Finkelstein, EulerLagrange, Force-Free, Fractals, Hamiltonians, HarmonicOscillator, High-Temperature, Kruskal, LightBending, Lyapunov, Mappings, Mellin, Multifractals, One-Dimensional, PerihelionShift, QuantumWell, Quasielliptic, Reissner-Nordstrom, Renormalization, Riemann-Liouville, Schwarzschild
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