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Mathematica: non solo numeri

Roberto Cavaliere
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Saverio Tortoriello
Book information

Publisher: Aracne Editrice (Italy)
Copyright year: 2005
ISBN: 885480018X
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 500
Out of print?: N
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Preface | Overall presentation | How to interact with Mathematica | The syntaxt | The Help Browser | Error Messages | Mathematica's fundamental principles | Everithing is an expression | Options and Attributes | Basic elements | Lists: meaning and manipulation | Import/Export of data | Standard Add-Ons Packages | Superfunction: some examples | Matrix operations: some examples | Introduction to programming | Function definitions | Functional programming general functions | The pattern matching | 2D graphics | Some important options of 2D graphics | Introduction to the front end | StyleSheet and inheritance of styles | How to create and manage buttons.

This book has been conceived as an easy-to-read guide for Mathematica users at any level (from beginners to professionals). It starts from a general overview about Mathematica and its basic elements, going throughout some important features--e.g. expression and their manipulation, to arrive to several example explaining pattern matching and other important techniques enabling users to exploit the power of Mathematica. A chapter describing basic fetures of the Mathematica front end is also included, to show how it is possible to customize documents and produce high-quality scientific documents and application.

*Education > College

Mathematica, the Mathematica language, front end, graphics, options, pattern matching, expression