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Graphics with Mathematica: Fractals, Julia Sets, Patterns and Natural Forms

Chonat Getz
Janet Helmstedt
Book information

Publisher: Elsevier (Amsterdam)
Copyright year: 2004
ISBN: 044451760X
Medium: Hardcover
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 322
Out of print?: N
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Basics | Using Color in Graphics | Patterns Constructed from Straight Lines | Orbits of Points under a C -> C Mapping | Using Roman Maeder's Packages Affine Maps, Iterated Function Systems and Chaos Game to Construct Affine Fractals | Constructing Non-affine and 3D Fractals Using the Deterministic and Random Algorithms | Julia and Mandelbrot Sets Constructed Using the Escape-Time Algorithm and Boundary Scanning Method | Miscellaneous Design Ideas | Appendices | Bibliography | Index | Colour Figures

This book demonstrates how to generate graphic images using Mathematica. The programs used to generate these graphics are easily adaptable to many variations, and a range of different coloring techniques are introduced.

Detailed instructions are given for constructing interesting 2D and 3D fractals using iterated functions systems. Many different types of Julia sets and parameter sets are constructed, such as the Mandelbrot set.

The reader interested in fractals will obtain practice in graphics and coloring in the earlier chapters "Using Color in Graphics" and "Patterns Constructed from Straight Lines."

In the book you will find:
  • Brilliant graphic images
  • Interesting introduction to Mathematica for beginners
  • Easy constructions
  • A variety of coloring techniques
  • Programs easily adaptable to many variations
  • Constructions useful for courses in discrete dynamics and fractals.

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