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Calculus with Mathematica: An Interactive Book

Selwyn Hollis
Organization: Armstrong Atlantic State University
Department: Department of Mathematics
Book information

Publisher: AppliedSymbols.com
Copyright year: 2004
Medium: ebook
Out of print?: N
Additional cataloguing information: Electronic book

Mathematica Basics | Intermediate Mathematica | Limits and Continuity | The Derivative | Applications of the Derivative | Integration | Applications of the Integral | Parametric and Polar Curves | Differential Equations | Sequences and Series | Surfaces | Vectors | Vector-valued Functions | Multivariate Functions | Multiple Integrals | Vector Calculus | Appendices

figure 1 Figure2" This unique book is a collection of Mathematica notebooks, designed to be used through the Help Browser. It is mathematically complete enough to be used as a text for a highly Mathematica-focused, three-semester calculus sequence. It can also be used as a supplement to a more traditional text in courses that have a Mathematica lab component. It should also be useful as a introduction to Mathematica with a review of calculus.

An extensive sixteen-part Mathematica tutorial is included, covering topics from the most basic fundamentals to three-dimensional graphics and functional programming. Hyperlinks throughout provide easy and convenient access to information about Mathematica functions and to relevant parts of The Mathematica Book. In addition, extensive use is made of a large collection of custom animations, graphics, and functions provided by the MmaCalc package.

More information at the Calculus with Mathematica site. A free trial is available there.

The current version of the book is designed for Version 5.0 of Mathematica but is almost fully compatible with Versions 4.1 and 4.2.

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