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John Emert
Roger Nelson
Book information

Publisher: Saunders College Publishing
Copyright year: 1992
ISBN: 0030761549
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 64
Out of print?: Y
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Introduction to Mathematica | Translations and Dilations of Functions | Exploring Even and Odd Functions | Functions that Round | The Test Drive | A Different Derivative | Searching for One's Roots | Essential Degree | Experimenting with Euler's Method | Summing Up | A Look at Integration | Computing the Length of a Curve | For the Birds | The Function Detective | Investigating Logarithms | Tribble Growth | Detecting Patterns in Integration | The Integration Kit | Detecting Patterns in Sequences | Unusual Sequences | The Behavior of Taylor Series | Mapping Out the Conics | Exploring Graphs of Polar Functions | Relative Extrema of Surfaces | Length of a Space Curve | Surface Areas | Slicing a Surface Function | Trolling for Constrained Extrema | Revenge of the Rounding Functions in 3D | Line Integrals | Multiple Choices for Differential Equations

A set of Mathematica projects intended to supplement the traditional calculus sequence. Designed to offer alternative or broader perspectives of topics by encouraging a process of discovery, conjecture, and verification.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Calculus