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Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematica

Henry C. Foley
Organization: University of Delaware
Department: Chemical Engineering
Book information

Publisher: Academic Press (San Diego, CA)
Copyright year: 2002
ISBN: 0122619129
Medium: Hardcover
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 509
Out of print?: N
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This book provides an introduction to chemical engineering analysis--the processes and designs used to manufacture, use, and dispose of chemical products. Core concepts ranging from the conservation of mass to chemical kinetics are covered. At the same time, the text shows how to use Mathematica--from the basics of writing a few lines of code through developing entire analysis programs. Analysis and computation are explained simultaneously, enabling the student to examine a system, determine the key characterizing variables, write down an appropriate statement for the conservation of mass, and then solve the problem using Mathematica.

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