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The Joy of Mathematica: Instant Mathematica for Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra, Second Edition

Alan Shuchat
Fred Shultz
Book information

Publisher: Academic Press
Copyright year: 2000
ISBN: 0126407304
Medium: Paperback
Includes: CD-ROM
Pages: 576
Additional cataloguing information: Spiral-bound
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A Brief Tour of Joy | More about Joy | Graphing in Two Dimensions | Manipulating Expressions | Solving Expressions | Solving Equations | Working with Functions of One Variable | Differentiating Functions of One Variable | Integrating Functions of One Variable | Working with Sequence and Series | Graphing in Three Dimensions | Working with Functions of Several Variables | Differentiating Functions of Several Variables | Integrating with Several Variables | Working with Vector Fields | Solving Differential Equations | Working with Vectors and Matrices | Functions | Limits and Continuity | Derivatives in One Variable | Integrals in One Variable | Sequences and Series | Parameterized Curves | Surfaces and Level Sets | Derivatives in Several Variables | Multiple Integrals | Differential Equations | Systems of Differential Equations | Matrices and Linear Equations | Vector Spaces and Linear Transformations | Index | The Joy of Mathematica CD

An easy manual for learning Mathematica by substituting menus and dialog boxes for typing commands. The CD provided accesses Mathematica's power instantly by pointing and clicking in a simplified environment. A wonderful supplemental mathematical text for calculus, differential equations and linear algebra.

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