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Mathematics and Mathematica for Economists

Cliff J. Huang
Phillip S. Crooke
Book information

Publisher: Blackwell
Copyright year: 1997
ISBN: 1577180348
Medium: Hardcover
Includes: Floppy disk
Pages: 674
Out of print?: Y
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Introduction to Mathematica | A Review of Calculus | Vectors | Matrices | Systems of Linear Equations | Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors | Real Quadratic Forms | Multivariable Differential Calculus | Taylor Series and Implicit Functions | Concave and Quasi-concave Functions | Optimization | Mathematical Programming | Ordinary Differential Equations | Systems of Differential Equations | Difference Equations

Intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in economics and business. Covers the mathematical topics and applications that are the mainstay of economics. Comes with MathEcon, a collection of Mathematica functions that augment Mathematica's built-in capabilities for exploring these topics.

*Business and Economics