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Mathematica: A Practical Approach, Second Edition

Dr. Nancy Blachman
Organization: Variable Symbols, Inc.
URL: http://www.variablesymbols.com
Colin P. Williams
Book information

Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: 1999
ISBN: 0132592010
Medium: Paperback
Pages: 640
Out of print?: N
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Getting Started with Mathematica | Numerical Capabilities | Symbolic Capabilities | Plotting Functions | Visualizing Data | Data Manipulation & Analysis | Getting Around with Notebooks | Writing Your Own Programs | Rule-Based Programming | Functional Programming | Procedural Programming | Graphics, Animation & Sound | Writing Interactive Programs | Notation, Buttons & Palettes | Speeding Up Your Programs | Writing Your Own Packages | Working with Files | Example Applications

A systematic introduction to Mathematica for people who want to get up to speed quickly. Covers all important features of Mathematica thoroughly, with clear explanations, examples, and problem sets. Topics include finding appropriate commands, manipulating expressions, visualizing functions and data, writing functions and packages, and importing and exporting data.

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