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Electrodynamics: A Concise Introduction

James B. Westgard
Book information

Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Copyright year: 1997
ISBN: 0387945857
Medium: Hardcover
Includes: Floppy disk
Pages: 435
Out of print?: Y
Additional cataloguing information: Included floppy disk is for Windows only.
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Introduction to Electrodynamics | Experimental Foundation | Dielectric and Magnetic Materials and Boundary Conditions | Electromagnetic Equations | Electromagnetic Fields in Steady States | Radiation and Optics in Dielectric Media | Particle Motion in Electromagnetic Fields | Radiation by Moving Charges | Beyond the Classical Theory

Suitable for use in a one-semester introduction for advanced undergraduates. Emphasizes relativity and symmetry in developing the theory of electrodynamics. Makes many advanced topics readily available to the student by focusing immediately on the Lorentz invariance of Maxwell's equations. Mathematica notebooks on the included diskette provide graphic solutions to many examples in the text.

*Science > Physics > Electromagnetism